This one is a special to ALL THE WOMEN OUT THERE !
“If the women get destroyed, who’s gonna teach your children in the right way ?” 

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One Response to Preview #4 Original Women – Mada Nile,Empress Ima,Niyorah,Tippy I,Junyah P,Melame Gange

  1. Jendahye September 25, 2014 at 3 h 15 min #

    Bless love to the community ,
    I watched the hole documentary yesterday , and I find it very intresting , but I waa so suprise to see how poor is women place on it. Only one sistah talks in the entire time !!! and how come no one mentionne Dezarie work and music yet she did and does a lot to make a honnorable place in rroots reggae music indistry . So much to say , not negativity but Rastaman nah have any tattoo in them body !! I would love to know if all them people will have some of the money that documentary .
    Bless love
    Sistah Jendahye from mama Africa

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