Preview #8 Junyah P – Tru Vibez – Escape to St Croix

‪#‎StrictlyGoodVibes‬ inna di ‪#‎TruVibez‬ backyard big up to the great, humble & talented musician/producer/singer/songwriter & hustler Junyah P !!

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Bonus #1/14 Ancient King – New Name Midnite Album

Escape to St Croix include also 52 minutes of bonus feature (14 videos) Available now on Soon on (october) / Riddims (VI.Christiansted) & Welove Shop (FR.Montpellier) –

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Preview #7 – Seigo – Niyorah – Batch – I Grade Tippy

We came from France to St Croix because like many others in the world, we heard the beautiful work of Midnite , Dezarie,  Tippy I, Sabbat, Ras Batch, Pressure, Niyorah etc.. Today its a real honor and a joy to announce that I Grade Records will be the official VI & U.S distributor. Stay tuned […]

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Preview #6 Paradise – Fiyah ISelah – Mada Nile

“ST CROIX IS THE LAND OF LOVE, LIFE, LIVITY” – Mada Nile Blessed love my people, you can be proud of your Paradise ! #knowyourisland #respectyourparadise #roots #reggae #rastafari

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Escape to St Croix World Premiere – Reggae University Rototom Sunsplash 2014 (SPAIN)

The world premiere was the 20th of August at the Reggae University in Rototom Spain and all we can say is : THE WHOLE VI CAN BE PROUD !! Big up everyone who came out from all over the world ! Here is a little video to share with you some moments of this blessed day. […]

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Preview #5 – Africa – Junyah P, Sekhu, Ancient King

“Every man on the earth have Ethiopian blood within him”Africans, Europeans, Indians, Asians.. WE ARE ALL CARBON !

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Preview #4 Original Women – Mada Nile,Empress Ima,Niyorah,Tippy I,Junyah P,Melame Gange

This one is a special to ALL THE WOMEN OUT THERE ! “If the women get destroyed, who’s gonna teach your children in the right way ?” 

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Preview #3 Revolution ft Vaughn Benjamin – Rasta Far Eye

Revolution, the Vegan Veteran cooks ital food in coconut milk ! A must see. “Saint Croix is a land of food but from a long while the government has depend on the store supermarket…”

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Preview #2 preview #2 Sekhu,Seigo, Junyah P, Melame Gange, Clint,Souljah,Ras Sagie,Genaral

Greetings ! Here is the second preview of the movie, just a few names, too many artists to mention everyone ! 1 preview every weeks, stay tuned !

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Preview #1 : Seigo – Rasta Business

Bless up  massive ! From now on to the release date, every weeks we will be sharing a brand new video of the movie.Starting with Seigo, RASTA BUSINESS !! Words of HIM Haile Selassie I “It is hard to believe that a substitute can be found for the occupation of agriculture – a sacred task graciously conferred upon […]

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