Welcome to the first reggae documentary about the Virgin Islands

Bienvenue dans le premier film documentaire des Îles Vierges

escape to fishmarket

It’s all about the culture and the music of the island. Spend 68 minutes with 18 artists on the west side of St Croix in a place called “Freedom City”.

This movie filmed with a handheld camera lets the artists express themselves, giving us a rare look at their daily lives, their work and their living conditions. We discover the island, the residents and some artists like Junyah P, Mada Nile and Ancient King who share their music, experiences and open the doors to their studios (I Grade, Shekhena, Non Stop etc.)

In the course of the meetings, a lots of various issues are addressed :  it goes from music to agriculture, and from cooking to human relations but it also covers the economic situation, the important role of women in the community, the livity and of course, His Imperial Majesty, Haile Selassie.

United around common values, everyone has something to say. Everybody talks with complete frankness, and shares their feelings with us. This documentary is the voice of the people, it doesn’t change or modify any of the truth, it tries to give you an honest account of these moments.

Some magnificent pictures and testimonies in the heart of St Croix, mixed up with local roots music, history and traditions. We also discover an island in turmoil, where everyday Rastafari works on humbling the community to stay organized and united as one

Enough love and spirituality for a total immersion in the mystical universe of the Virgin Islands.


Escape to St Croix – Cultural Documentary

Produced by Reggaescape.

Directed by Tom Caruana.

With :

Mada Nile,

Junyah P,

Ancient King,

I Grade Tippy,





Melame Gange,

Fiyah I Selah,








Ras Sagie

French Translation by Fabyah & Ras Tweed.

Subtitles : Christine & Yves Caruana.

Official website : http://www.escapetostcroix.fr

Official trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JuWASyGkCs

Youtube : www.youtube.com/reggaescape

Facebook : www.facebook.com/Escapetostcroix

DVD Release date : 2014-09-15

Reggaescape production on Itunes : http://www.tinyurl.com/fiyahlion


Escape to St Croix OUT NOW, click here & get your copy !

About Reggaescape

From France to St Croix, Reggaescape spread the music & the culture of the Virgin Islands.
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